Dear Clients

In the last week of June, cPanel had announced the new pricing and licensing structure. The exorbitant license fees have taken the web hosting industry by storm. This change has already shattered many web hosts. After all the discussion, permutation and combination, we have come up with the following two options:

Option 1: If you wish to continue with cPanel WHM, you will have to pay for every cPanel account that you have created in your reseller. Cost of every cPanel account will be Rs.10 per month. So, let's say if you have 10 cPanel accounts in your reseller, you will be charged Rs.100 per month. 

Option 2: If you do not wish to pay for the cPanel, we can migrate your account to the Plesk control panel. Your cost would remain the same and migration would be done by our team.

Although we don’t own cPanel but we know the impact of this change on every web hosting provider and the end users. A very small window has been given by cPanel and we all need to take this decision before that. We would request you to carefully think about both the options and update us ASAP. Please note that switching to another web host will not help or save money because cPanel licensing structure is the same for everyone. We have temporarily disabled “Create Account” feature in WHM because every account that you have or create will be chargeable. 

An invoice will be sent for your current cPanel accounts as per the below slab which you need to pay within two weeks. To save the cPanel cost, you can remove the unwanted accounts that you have created and keep only the accounts that you need. Your account will be auto suspended, if the invoice is not paid within the given time frame. For creating new accounts, contact our billing team and request for the following packs:

cPanel Account Slab:

10 Accounts - Rs 100/mo
20 Accounts - Rs 200/mo
25 Accounts - Rs 250/mo
50 Accounts - Rs 500/mo
100 Accounts - Rs 1000/mo
150 Accounts - Rs 1500/mo
200 Accounts - Rs 2000/mo
300 Accounts - Rs 3000/mo

Note: 18% GST is applicable on the above-mentioned cost.


Best regards, Management Team

Friday, July 12, 2019

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